Welcome to chain stores "Megias"!

(Goods can be purchased without a franchise conditions, provided that the city which is located in your store no official representative of Megias)

Who are we? For 21 years, we at Megias, we have developed a successful business strategy and advertising concept, with the result that we established the brand "Megias" as the undisputed market leader in footwear in Bulgaria. At present, our stores are over 30 in Bulgaria employing over 100 people.

What do we offer?

We offer an excellent opportunity to join our retail chain, using all our experience and established market positions. Megias provides a concept for a successful business using the trade mark "Megias", "Gabriela Juliani" and "Alligators" (protected by the Patent Office of the Republic of Bulgaria) to carry out trade in shoes and bags. Each of our franchise partner had the opportunity to open a shop for doing business in a certain perimeter.

We provide:

1. Commodity with the latest models according to the season.

2. Comprehensive know-how to build and procedures to manage the store under the brand Megias detailed in the Operations Manual.

3. Model of sales, pricing and commercial design.

4. Special computer program for recording and reporting of sales and stock. (Optional at extra cost).

5. Initial 2-day training of Franchisee (or appointed by the governor) at the premises of Megias, and additional initial 2-day training for other staff in the newly opened shop ensemble which are held in place in the store.

6. Drafting of the renovation and furnishing of the newly opened store.

7. Continuous advice and tips for increasing sales.

8. Analysis of business performance of the franchisee and advice on optimizing the operations of the Store.

9. Presentation of the newly opened store on the website of Megias and its inclusion in advertising campaigns Megias the discretion of the franchisor.

What should I have?

• Willingness and positive attitude towards work.

• Equity charging equipment store.

• owned or leased store not less than 50 m2

Phone for more information:

0899123456 - Ivaylo Angelov

e-mail: ia_sport@abv.bg

e-mail: office@megias.bg


Step comfortable shoes Megias!